Hello world!

So like many people I guess I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for awhile! But I never got past the stage of thinking!
I spent ages thinking well if I did a blog what would I call it!! Would I add in something about dieting, I’m sure many of you like myself are on a diet of some kind wanting to put weight on or lose weight.

And then what happens if I call my blog tubby mummy and then I finally stay on the weight lose wagon what happens to my blog name then? Could I change to say I don’t know the mummy formally known as tubby 🙂
There’s a lot that goes into a name and I didn’t want to build up something that I hope people will enjoy only to start all over as my name no longer applies to me. So I figured I stick to something that will never change! Welcome to the musings of my mad mind, long may my musings entertain you.

So I guess I’ll tell you about me, my life is or was before children very uneventful. Children have a way of making you look at life differently don’t they, they reignite your imagination. Before my chicklits I was a work-a-holic and had no plans EVER of having children not when I could have very expensive shoes lol.

But all that changed when I meet the man that I now call my better half I suddenly couldn’t wait to have mini me’s and watch them grow and learn, little did I know they would help me grow and learn too.

I’m 32 years old and on a journey I never thought my life would go through so I welcome you to join my journey and hope to get to know many of you along the way too.

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